St Georges Pre-School

Learning At Home

15th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers.

We hope you are all safe and well.  We are so grateful to you all for your support at this difficult time, especially to those parents who are keeping their children safe at home allowing us to keep the preschool really safe for the children of Frontline workers and our own staff.

We hope you are enjoying the activities we are putting on Tapestry and we thought you might be interested in the following tips to help you while your children are at home:

Self-care.  Look after your own wellbeing and mental health first.  Children pick up quickly on their parent’s mood so if you are feeling stressed it is more likely your child will become stressed too.

Have funDon’t feel under pressure to recreate a classroom at home.  Take this time to play and have fun with your child – make a den, bake, build, do a puzzle, cuddle up with a film or book, do arts and crafts.  Try to make the most of this opportunity to spend time together.  Your child will continue to learn and develop through your example.

Routine.  Try to keep to a familiar routine or schedule each day.  This helps children feel stable and secure.

Keep active.  A healthy body supports a healthy mind!  Try to build physical activity into each day for you and your child eg. go for a walk or bike ride, play a game in the garden, do an online PE or Yoga session such as Cosmic Kids Yoga or PE with Joe Wicks (on Youtube).

Stay Positive.  Try to focus on the positives and the things that you and your child can do to help others, for example, spend some time each day helping your child to think of things that make them happy, or think of ways that they could help others (eg. drawing a picture for someone, baking a cookie for a sibling)

Ask for help/ keep in touch.  It is important to keep in regular contact with preschool.  We are here to help if you are experiencing difficulties.  The children like to see the videos and activities on Tapestry as this will keep them connected to the preschool and the staff.

Please let us know if there is anything else you need us to do to support you.  The government have a very useful website called Hungry Little Minds which has lots of activities for you to try if you wish to.

We miss all the children very much and hope that we will all be safely back together again soon.

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